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Publications and Compositions


There are few cultural expressions which tell the story of a society and a nation as vividly as the Tango. As a cultural phenomenon, Tango crosses disciplines such as politics, literature, sociology, history, psychology and performing arts. Dr Anad and Dr Bendrups have an extensive record of research into the Tango, both in academia and in experiential performance methodologies. Their research is part of a global current in cultural anthropology.


In viewing Argentina it can be seen how the identities of Tango and Argentina are tangled tightly together. They are expressed in a myriad of forms across both high and low culture; the academy, official receptions, late night bars, public art, poetic lyrics, journalistic references, world-class literature, advertising, orchestras, rock bands, random acts, galleries, dance halls, popular sayings, superstitions, ballet, street-corner busking. As a cultural signifier, Tango extends beyond the limits of standard performance forms; it is far more than a song and a dance.             

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